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Cheshire East licence number CE/DB21/311222


May I introduce you to the joy of my life my dogs, or should I say my Labradors.

We are a small Kennel in Cheshire on the A49

We first started breeding and showing Labradors in 1995 after I had to give up competitative Dressage riding 4 years earlier due to health reasons. Up until that point horses had been my life. Labradors filled my heart from the moment Toffee Rolo had come into our lives. Many people are asked how they came by their affix well I couldn't come up with the usual way from family members name - you try to come up with something from Gail, Bill and Edward. So I asked myself, why were Labradors developed as a breed right from the very beginning? Well the reason I came up with was to Carry Game. I never thought that no one would have registered this name previously but they hadn't and The Kennel club granted the spelling Carriegame. I don't know how many times I've since been called Carrie even though my name is Gail.

When I first got my first Labrador it was the Temperament which I fell in love with so the temperament is first and formost in my mind when I am deciding on breeding a litter of puppies. Because of my background in competitive riding I quickly saw that Toffee's movement was very good. Having a photo of his sire with some lovely rossetts from the showring I decided to give dog showing a go. I quickly decided that it would be lovely to show something which you had bred yourself. This is were I did alot of research and found that all of the kennels which I liked the type started with a Lawnwood Foundation bitch, so after discuccions with the family we agreed that another Labrador would make a great additon to our family. I realized that at the time Chocolate's in the showring had a difficult time and as Toffee was a chocolate I decided that I wanted a black which carried the chocolate gene. So thinking that it could take maybe 12 months decided to give Margarie Satterwaite a call to go on a waiting list for such a girl. I was very lucky to find that I did not need to wait, Margarie had run on a black bitch of show quality from Hurdy Gurdy Lady Chocolate chip at Lawnwood sired by Lougin Lancer. After hearing my plans Margarie allowed me to have Humbug on breeding terms, I would have a litter in the future and we would agree on a stud dog and then she would have a puppy back from me. I found this excellent as it would mean that Margarie would help guide me though the process of stud dog selection. She would always say judge the dogs for yourself.

We are Kennel Club Accredited breeder and Licenced with East Cheshire Council with 5 Stars. We are members of many of the Labrador Retriever clubs in the UK abiding by their codes of conduct. I am on the Labrador Club judges B list and enjoying judging Labradors and other breeds from the Gundog group

We take full use of British Veterinary Association and Kennel Club health schemes and all our breeding stock both dogs and bitches are hip and elbow scored, I curently DNA test my dogs and bitches for PRA, EIC, CNM, HNPK and SD2 and all my dogs are clear of these.

Although we do not work our dogs in the field it is very important to us that the dogs which we breed and offer as stud dogs show the natural instinct which would be required if they were asked to retrieve in the field, have a good nose and not show signs of being gun shy. It is our intention that our dogs have the true Labrador temperament which make them the perfect family pet and suitable for any task which may be asked of them as well as the soundness to enable them to carry out the longest of hillside walks or a long day working in the field.

Cheshire East licence number CE/DB21/311222
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