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Carriegame Ohmeohmy

Carriegame Ohmeohmy

Hips 0:0
Elbows 0
DNA tested Clear of PRA, EIC, CNM, HNPK and SD2

I believe in fate, and I believe that fate was at play in me using Ole. 6 months previously I had taken my bitch Lynquest Kelowna at Carriegame to Brigburn Choir boy and she missed (my timing of course) but when Tika came into season again 6 months later Ole was staying with linda Heron and after seeing him (sorry Choir boy) I fell in love with Ole and just had to use him. 7 beautiful black puppies were born and I kept Harry. He proved to be a wonderful dog. He was such a character, everybody fell in love with him. He was a good producer and many did well in the show ring but many also went on to be assistance dogs for the disabled, guiding the blind via Guide dogs and others through Canine Partners. His Great Grandson Carriegame Blue Moon at Hearofriend is the main stud dogs for Hearing dogs for the Deaf in the UK.

Harry was easy to train and gained his Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award.

All my current dogs go back to him, plus show kennels Bonnieburns, Lightbringer, Magnavalleys, Glosmere, Teazledown, Lancastria, Henissy, Hurstland, Meadowline and Whistyne have all used him at stud as well as many many family pets.

Please if you have any photo's of his sons or daughters please email them to me at carriegame@btinternet.com as I would love to add them to his web page.

Sons and Daughters of Harry

Icyrivers Myohmy by Carriegame

Icyrivers Myohmy By Carriegame

Dam Linnburnhead Water Nymph
Gained his stud book number
Good Citizen Silver Obedience
Carriegame Jingle Bells

Carriegame Jingle Bells

Dam Carriegame Lollipop
Gained her stud book number
Res Best in Show Northwest Labrador Club
Good Citizen Bronze Obedience
dam of Brazilian Grand Champion Carriegame Inspired View
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