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Born 1996 - 2000

Alkhamhurst Tiger Bay
Born 27/8/2000
Tiger Tiger of Carpenny - Anarita Wences Lass of Carpenny
Ch Amberstope Blue Moon
Born 7/3/1999
Rocheby Navy Blue - Carromer's Heaven Sent at Amberstope
Anarita Wals Warrior
Born 24/12/1996
Stud Book Number
Ch Carpenny Walpole - Anarita Sunshine Girl
Aqualoop Rosemary
Born 6/10/1997
Stud Book Number
Mr O'Sullivan At Harrop - Aqualoop Chocolate Chip
Balrion Fire In The Hole at Chapelmanor
Born 29/6/2000
Stud Book Number
Baloan Fire Cracker - Balrion Black Elegance
Blackfyne Ensign
Born 1/4/1999
Stud Book Number
ShCh Cambremer Tom Sawyer - Cambremer All By Myself
Boothgates Black Denim
Born 24/7/2000
Stud Book Number
Boothgates Host With The Most - Boothgates Star Spangled
Carriegame Comet
Born 7/1/1998
Rusland Raphael - Lawnwood's Humbug at Carriegame
Charway Ballycobnut
Born 6/8/2000
Ch Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway - Charway Ballylace
Claychalk Costa Sol
Born 11/3/2000
Stud Book Number
Frewlings Freelander - Sudeo Gin Fizz in Claychalk
ShCh Dolwen Francis Henry JW
Born 8/11/1999
Stud Book Number
Trenow Lancelot - Bugeilydd Anna Marie of Dolwen
Donacre High Stakes
Born 15/12/2000
Stud Book Number
Steeleigh Worth A Gamble JW - Kimacre Country Bumpkin at Donacre
Eneleon Basil of Carriegame
Born 13/8/2000
Kaspair Only You - Lyndbarr Casseopeia
Flintasia Magical Spirit
Born 11/11/1999
Stud Book Number
Ballyduff Black Magic of Farmview - Flintasia Festive Spirit
Foulby Jonny Miller at Cornlands
Born 8/12/1999
Stud Book Number
ShCh Cambremer Tom Sawyer - ShCh Cuanbank Island Mist at Foulby
ShCh Foxrush Blue Sapphire
Born 30/9/1997
Stud Book Number
Rocheby Navy Blue - ShCh Foxrush Peach Blossom
ShCh Fullwell Free Booter at Halshimoor
Born 11/3/1996
Stud Book Number
ShCh Poolstead Pumpkin - Halshimoor Winter Wishes For Fullwell
Gowanvale Run A Round
Born 27/8/1998
Stud Book Number
Oulsmi This Time Around - Gowanvale Storm Warning
Hafnau Cyffin
Born 29/6/1999
Stud Book Number
Cannonridge Jackdaw - Bryndafydd Pyrrha of Hafnau
Halshimoor Crescendo at Shanorrell
Born 1/12/2000
Stud Book Number
Poolstead Prime Suspect at Subar - Fullwell Flirt with Halshimoor JW
Kaspair Only You
Born 20/9/1998
Stud Book Number
Ch Warringah's Coolibah - Kampsall Klairvoyant
Keenes Free Trade JW
Born 15/12/1999
Stud Book Number
ShCh Fullwell Free Booter At Halshimoor - Madam Magic at Keene's
Tullochmohr Titanic at Kilstron
Born 29/2/2000
Stud Book Number
Cricklecreek Commander at Kincrosse - Tullochmohr Sheer Fantasy
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