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Icyrivers Myohmy By Carriegame
result date show class judge critique
Res (4th) 15/10/2017 Northwest Labrador Club
Championship Show
Mid Limit Linda Heron
1st 18/9/2016 Darlington Championship Show Post Graduate Dog G Oulton
Good size black with lovely head showing intelligence, even though was a handful for handler, good length and width of muzzle with correct earset that he could have used more, I felt could have benefitted with a little more weight on him, moved well with plenty of drive from behind
Res (4th) 21/8/2016 Welsh Kennel Club Post Graduate Talbot .
Res (4th) 27/3/2016 Ken Surrey & Sussex
Labrador Club Champ Show
Post Graduate Mrs L McGillvray .
VHC (5th 23/10/2015 Midland Counties Labrador Club
Championship Show
Post Graduate Mrs Ann Britton
1st 11/10/2015 South Wales Kennel Club
Championship Show
Post Graduate KJ Walsh Black, beautiful kind head and eye, good reach of neck and shoulder, level back, strong quarters, moved well.
VHC (5th) 26/9/2015 Belfast Championship Show Limit Dog Mr M O'Donoghue
Res (4th) 23/8/2015 Welsh Kennel Club Post Graduate Mr C Atkinson .
VHC (5th) 5/8/2015 United Retriever Championship show Post Graduate Isobella Key
3rd 25/7/2015 Leeds Championship Show Post Graduate Janet Cole .
Best of Breed
11/7/2015 Newport & District Agricultural
Open show
Open Mrs Penny Lane-Ridyard
This 3 year old male had the edge on maturity over the post grad bitch for Best of Breed, I particularly liked his head and kind intelligent eye. He is well made throughout and was shown in good coat and moved out well, at one with his handler.
2nd 1/7/2015 Cotswold & Wyvern Labrador
Club Championship Show
Post Graduate Amanda Deane
Black, clean lines, nice head and expression, short coupled, level topline, well boned, good spring of rib, and depth of body, moved well.
VHC (5th) 27/6/2015 Blackpool Championship Show Post Grauduate Jane Rawlinson
Res (4th) 26/6/2015 Northwest Labrador Club
Championship Show
Limit Dog John Jackson (Emsal) .
2nd 23/6/2015 Royal Cheshire Premier Show Open Dog Mr J Richardson
1st 14/6/2015 Northwest Labrdor Club Open Show Post Graduate Mr Matthew Atkins A Decent type of dog who is of a good size. He has a nice head and is a good sort.
Res (4th) 13/6/2015 The Labrador Club
Championships Show
Post Graduate Mr Brian Parrot (Lougin) .
3rd 12/7/2014 Newport & District Agricultural
Open Show
Open Mr Graham Hall .
VHC (5th) 2/7/2014 Cotswold & Wyvern Labrador Club
Championship show
Mid Limit Lorraine Tooth
1st 1/6/2014 Crewe & District Canine Ass
Open Show
Post Graduate Maureen D'Arcy This boy gained his place in a quality line up of blacks. His broad head was balanced by his length of muzzle, good eye pigment, and well placed ears. He showed clean lines through head and neck into correctly placed shoulders. Well sprung ribs, correct rear angulations, ample bone, tidy feet. Moved with drive holding topline and was in good coat.
Best of Breed
28/5/2014 Stafford & Birmingham Agricultural
Open Show
Open Marion Waddell
Res (4th)
Best Black in Show
5/4/2014 Labrador Club of Scotland
Championship Show
Post Graduate Mrs Carol Reynolds
Best of Breed
8/12/2013 Oakengates & District Open Show Post Graduate Mr M Turner .
2nd 9/11/2013 Gundog Breeds of Scotland
Championship Show
Post Graduate Mr Ken Roberts
3rd 9/11/2013 Gundog Breeds of Scotland
Championship Show
Limit Mr Ken Roberts Black with good kind head and eye, clean through neck and shoulders, level topline, short coupled, good coat and correct tail.
2nd 20/10/2013 Joint Labrador Clubs Championship Show Post Graduate Liz Cartledge
4th 19/10/2013 Gundog Society of Wales
Championship Show
Post Graduate Maxine Crocker Williams
Best Black In Show
8/10/2013 Northwest Labrador Club
Championship Show
Post Graduate Erica Jayes
Black, loved his overall balance and movement, clean strong neck, good bone and feet, good shoulders, correct coat, moved and showed well.
3rd 5/10/2013 Northumberland & Durham Labrador
Club Championship Show
3rd Janet Cole
2nd 20/9/2013 Driffield Championship Show Post Graduate Mrs Hallgarth Masculine headed black male. Strong neck, correctly layed shoulders, deep chest, tidy topline, tidy feet, good turn of stifle, strong bone and correct coat, moved with drive.
Res (4th) 15/9/2013 Darlington Championship show Post Graduate Frank Gilroy
VHC (5th) 18/8/2013 Welsh Kennel Club Championship show Post Graduate Mr Oliverirea
1st 2/12/2012 West of England Labrador Club
Championship Show
Under Graduate Richard Morris One I believe I may have had the pleasure of judging previously, a black dog very typical in outline and showing to advantage, good strong bone and firm feet, head well balanced and not overdone, pleasing eye shape and colour, lovely depth of body and fore chest, though I would like to see slightly more barrel to his ribcage, very short coupled with level, firm top line, strong well turned hindquarters with particularly well muscled second thigh, and exceptionally sound and true mover which won him this class.
1st 7/4/2012 Rochdale & District Open show Post Graduate Sharon Rogers Black male who appealed greatly on balance and type, clean all through, very kind head and expression, wonderful reach of neck and good front assembly, well ribbed back and short coupled, could do with more width to quarters, hope this develops. Bone is adequate and coat is good with top and undercoat. Loved his leg length and he moved beautifully without any effort, Slower to mature than some and not the biggest sort but a good Labrador nonetheless with a lovely temperament.
VHC (5th) 9/3/2012 CRUFTS Under Graduate Mr Edwards
1st 12/2/2012 Northwest Labrador Club Limit show Limit Paddy Mott Well presented black of good construction, not long out of puppy, kind head, correct eye shape and colour, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest, short through couplings, well angulated rear, good topline and tailset, in good coat and when settled moved soundly Judge Patricia Mott
1st 5/2/2012 Merseyside Gundog Society
Open Show
Post Graduate Wendy Pickup Upstanding dog who needs time to settle, moved truer here than in the last class. Masuline head, medium length jaw, wide nose, nostrils well developed. Forelegs straight from elbow to ground from all angles, standing on good feet with well arched toes. Correct neck set, neck has good length and is powerful, level topline, ideal tail set, otter tail. Enjoying his day out, biddable friendly with tail wagging constantly. Promising youngster.
1st 12/11/2011 Gundog Breeds of Scotland
Championship show
? Brenda Taylor Nice black with lots to like, good dark eye, front, neck and topline, exellent legs and feet, well presented and showed well.
1st 12/10/2011 Gundog Society of Wales
Championship Show
puppy Trish Parrott Liked this puppy, good outline, not quite as mature as first, nice head, good eye colour, reach of neck, good front and quarters, moved well.
1st 7/10/2011 South Wales Association
Championship show
Puppy Joan Woodall Lovely well balanced black puppy who moved very positively for such a youngster. Particularly liked his head which had a good length and width of muzzle and kind dark eye which gave a melting expression. He had a lovely clean outline with a well angulated front and rear, good topline with correct tailset and carriage, well boned legs and tight feet, will watch his career with interest, Showed and handled really well to win a class of quality puppies.
1st 24/9/11 Stafford Open show Puppy Eileen Allan-Rossitter Pleasing black dog puppy, nicely made and I liked his head and expression. Good length of neck into good lay of shoulders.Carried just the right weight for his age. In correct coat and good bone and feet. Correct tail, moved out well. Best Puppy
1st 16/9/2011 Darlington Championship Show Puppy Richard Morris A promising ten month old black, a developing head with potential, appealing expression, dark eye, well shaped, straight, true front, pleasing length of neck and well placed shoulders with good depth of body for his age. Good, strong bone and firm feet, well bend stifles but needs to strengthen and muscle in the hindquarters. Being well angulated throughout he did move really truly and soundly
1st 15/8/2011 Bournemouth Championship Show Puppy Mr C Mills (Lembas) Nicely made young black who is quite raw, everything in the right place, nice head, correct coat and I believe will develop into a nice dog as he matures.
1st 6/8/2011 National Gundog Association
Championship show
Puppy Elaine Cannon nice baby who lost out to a slightly more mature boy in this class, sired by the VD winner and he has many of his sires attributes, good head and expression, correct eye shape and colour, well set ears, steady on the move.

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